About Us

The Jarosław Polański Foundation was created in 2012 by family members of this outstanding conductor, ethnographer and composer. The aim of the Foundation is to commemorate the extraordinary achievements of Jarosław Polański in the preservation of works of Lemko culture. Traveling in the lands inhabited by the Lemkos, Jarosław Polański undertook an extraordinary ethnographic mission, the result of which is a huge collection of traditional, authentic Lemko songs. As part of the Foundation, we would like to renew the memory of the achievements of this outstanding man, full of passion and talent. To learn more about our initiative of publishing the LEMKO SONG ALBUM, click here.

People who are close to the Lemko culture and who would like to financially support our mission and projects may do so by donating to the following bank account:

For deposits in PLN:
Fundacja im. Jaroslaw Polanski
ul. W. Czaplickiego 3 A, apt. 17
05-400 Otwock

Donations account number: 06 1240 2119 1111 0010 5153 5905
Bank PKO S.A. Otwock Branch, ul. Świderska 2/4
Title: Darowizna