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The Jarosław Polański Foundation took the initiative to raise funds for publishing a book-album of Lemko songs, part of the collection which Jarosław Polański through decades accumulated with great devotion and passion, first – manually recording notes and words, and then tape recording songs.

The album will contain close to 400 Lemko songs (notes and texts), ethnographic material, numerous interesting photographs, reviews and descriptions.

In 2019, we will mark the 25th anniversary of Jarosław Polański passing. We would like to celebrate this special anniversary with the release of the prepared album, but in order to make it possible, we need support from YOU … from all to whom Ukrainian and Lemko cultures as well as the person of Jarosław Polański are close to heart and not indifferent.
Many thanks to all donors.

For deposits in PLN:
Fundacja im. Jaroslaw Polanski
ul. W. Czaplickiego 3 A, apt. 17
05-400 Otwock

Donations account number: 06 1240 2119 1111 0010 5153 5905
Bank PKO S.A. Otwock Branch, ul. Świderska 2/4
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